cherishaliciaa: heyyy Envision VIP!! I found another job so i really wanna go now! we should get together soon and plan it out if you still wanna go :)

Hey, did you see when your spring break is? Glad you found an awesome place to work! I’ve been doing 16hr days crushing it.

10 random facts

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1. Cashews are my least favorite nut
2. Serious OCD issues
3. 5’9 from foot to crown
4. Registered yoga teacher
5. Northern California is where I reside
6. Dont have any pets or kids
7. Lazy is my middle name
8. Gaming is life (played sims all day yd)
9. Traveling is my passion
10. Been vegetarian for the last 2 months ( and will probably be until I take my last breath)
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if we could all stop for a minute and see the depth in this, we’d all be one step closer to being a more understanding sort of people.

For a minute all I saw was the reflection and I was like hey that’s a cute dress but at least get him one in his size and then I realize the message is even deeper and I have so much respect for this.

Oooooh man! My life right here!!!!!!
Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.
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A bird’s eye view
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Modern Bath | WAV

We Heart It.



Wai’anae, Hawaii. My picture (: 
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